21 Day Challenge & Training

to integrate Tony’s teaching and achieve your goals.

This challenge is my contribution after Wealth Mastery event

Money is the magnifying glass of WHO WE ARE.

I participated in Tony’s various events multiple times, however, many times I failed to follow up on all the things I promised to implement.  I’m being honest now, why? Because I have realized that I was just focusing on my goals, pushing myself: go, go, do, do, which didn’t work. Now, my approach is to focus on who I become while pursuing my goals!

These 21 days will focus on WHO WE BECOME, while pursuing our individual goals, so the wealth, that we attract, will magnify WHO WE ARE!

That is how I create the “pull” and wish we all are emotionally empowered by Tony’s teachings to become more.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.

– Tony Robbins –

Watch this video about the structure of the Challenge.

Let’s do it together!


Set yourself for taking a massive action.

Emotionally Empower yourself to step up!


To get the best results, do it in a private room without any distractions.

I am hoping this challenge will help create momentum while following your action plan towards your dreams. You can leverage those materials to create a new, powerful habit, Emotional Empowerment Meditation.  

About Shubho

Shubho Dutta is a certified meditation teacher from Yoga Alliance USA, studying the Buddhist and Hindu philosophy during multiple courses either under FPMT and his holiness Dalai Lama himself and learning an Inner Engineering in the ISHA Foundation – Sadhguru. He spends a lot of time in the Himalayas with different teachers.

He is 43, but he was labelled as a failure child and teenager. When he had very little hope in life, meditation helped him turned around his life.

Shubho is a founder of BoostCamp.Live, which is a travel concept focusing on changing people’s mindset.

Hungry for personal development, Shubho is not only a researcher of Mindfulness & Meditation, but also an alumus of Tony Robbin’s signature Program “Mastery University”.

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