About Shubho

Shubho Dutta is an accredited meditation teacher and mindfulness coach, he is passionate about integrating modern approaches and ancient practices.  

First introduced to meditation 22 years ago, Shubho, born in 1978, continues with his daily practice to work through his anxious tendencies, which arises from this highly dyslexic mind and challenging childhood. 

He was labeled as a failure child and teenager. In despair, meditation helped him turn his life around .

His mentorship focuses on empowering others by working through their inner critic, investigating deeply rooted thought patterns and belief systems and helping them grow their self-compassion.

In 2018 he began training with the Tibetan Buddhist teachings in the Himalayas and participated in numerous lectures by HH Dalai Lama himself. Moreover, he underwent training and practiced vedic lifestyle at ISHA Foundation India by Sadhguru.

Hungry for personal development, Shubho is an active researcher of Mindfulness & Meditation. Since 2014 he has also been investing heavily in himself to be trained in a variety of training by Tony Robbins Research Institute and is an alumni of the Mastery University, a signature program of Tony Robbins.

In 2019 he has additionally completed the Tony Robbins Coaching program.  

Shubho is also the founder of BoostCamp.Live, emphasizing the need for mental reboost. 

He created a new form of travel after observing and researching mental patterns of his clients. Shubho understood that standard exotic vacations are helpful, but benefits people for a short time. 

His Boost Camps aim at leaving people rejuvenated and also empowered mentally & emotionally by looking “Inwards”.

My Mission

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“I found that doing your mindfulness tasks each day really contributed to strengthening my relationship with my boss in my new job. We are getting along much better and I feel I have turned a corner…”

“I had the chance to do a workshop with Shubho that was truly transforming. And it took no more than a 10-15 minutes meditation practice with him to have a breakthrough.”

“I’ll tell you what – one of the best meditations I ever did. Instead of focusing on visualization (as the majority of meditations do) – it was all about showing compassion to yourself, being very present and also creating vibrations with your voice. I know this will be helpful for a lot of people, especially in these challenging times (…)”

His soothing voice and guidance helped me talk to myself about myself without being angry or vengeful but employ a sense of understanding.

“I don’t know what’s the magic in your meditations, they always make me cry.”

“I stumbled upon Shubho’s session at Dojo & I was surprised by how his words ringed so much truth inside me.”

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