Unleashing Your SELF WORTH

Tibetan Buddhist techniques of “Healing the Mind”

+ Modern techniques used by High-Performance Athletes

+ Intensive Breathwork

Break old neuropathways of the brain that are responsible for the unhealthy patterns deeply embedded in your subconscious mind, that are no longer serving you.

 You will experience a huge shift in your Confidence level and

the trust you have in YOURSELF.

Are you:


doubting yourself, your capabilities and skills


overthinking and excessively analyzing your decisions


avoiding taking risks or trying new things


being overly critical of yourself


having hard time making decisions, even small ones


putting things off to avoid facing the possibility of failure


believing you are not good enough or not capable of achieving your goals

If this resonates with you, GIVE YOURSELF a very meaningful GIFT.

4 Core Elements of the Workshop

Therapeutic Inner Child Healing

to RELEASE the emotions of inadequacy and the thoughts of the Inner Critic.

Tibetian Buddhist Techniques

The deep Meditative introspection helps IDENTIFY Self-Sabotaging Patterns.

Modern Neuro-Science Based Techniques

to SHIFT to empowered state of mind.

Dynamic Breathwork

to create space to PROCESS further all trapped emotions.

You will experience:

Each person’s experience would be different but these appear frequently


Huge increase in Self-Esteem


Release toxic Thought Patterns


Release of stress & anxiety


Feeling of joy and compassion


Feeling worthy and strong


Improved sleep and mood

If you would like to experience the same, GIVE YOURSELF a very meaningful GIFT.

This workshop is more than just learning.

You will be learning and taking actions simultaneously.

I truly believe “Insight without action is worthless”.


What Workshop participants are saying about their experiences…


I can highly recommend the sessions by Shubho.

I did the Unleash your selfworth workshop and it was such a wonderful journey to my inner self, my inner child and to my self worth.

Shubho offers great tools to calm the nervous system and to get in better touch with oneself and your self worth and self love. You can feel the love he is putting into his work.Thank you very much ?

Lisa, Germany

I didn’t have lots of expectations, just wanted to go and try. As a self-development enthusiastic, I was curious.

The workshop was amazing, the kind of eye-opening experience

Cloe Rs, France

Shubhos workshops are very touching and moving. I participated already 2 times and  everytime, I had so many findings about myself, about my inner child and about my current challenges.

Shubho uses a lot of very good coaching tools with a wonderful sensitivity.

He even stayed in contact with me and send me some helpful meditations and coaching practices that I can use in my daily life.

I would definitely recommend to go to his workshops and see the magic yourself! ✨

Julia M, Germany

It was only 4 hours but you get done the work which would take many hours of therapy.

It is just amazing what improvements and shifts you can achieve in just one afternoon, thanks to Shubho.

Edith Rotz, Switzerland

Opportunities to reflect and unlock yourself by way of building full awareness and a positive approach towards life.

You feel grateful to be meeting him.

Amm Krittinee, Bangkok, Thailand

For me the experience was magical. Shubho really see you.

I truly recommend to follow a breathing session, you will feel more connected with yourself after this, and you feel healed more.

This session is for everybody.

?Thank you Shubho

Ikwil Opreis, Netherlands

When going into Shubho’s workshop, I really didn’t know what to expect. I listened to his word and “trusted the process”. I must say, it was one of the most amazing experience I’ve had in my life!

…. I also loved how well everything was explained and how Shubho supported his work with neuroscience and different studies.

I strongly recommend attending one of Shubho’s workshop as I promise you won’t be disappointed. A truly unique and magical experience 

Margaux, France

I’ve attended 2 unique workshops with a total of 9 hours, and I was surprised with the outcome, I cried and laughed and released a lot of emotions and gained more empowerment.

The way Shubho connects you with yourself is amazing and gets a lot out of yourself…

It was a fantastic experience that I’m so thankful to have had.

Also, your support afterward and follow-up elevated the experience big time.

Thank you so much!

Aya Ali, Egypt

PRICE:  47 EUR (For a limited time)

DATE:  20.05.2023 (Saturday)

STARTING:  10:00 am  – Geneva

4:00 am   – New York (EST)

9:00 am   – London (GMT)

10:00 am  – Berlin (CET)

5:00 pm   – Singapore (GMT+8)

8:00 pm   – Melbourne (VIC)

DURATION:  3,5 hrs.

Shubho Dutta started his spiritual practices specially Adhwaita Mediation in 1997.

Shubho Dutta’s teachings focus on empowering others by working through their inner critic, deeply rooted thought pattern and self-compassion.

He uses his experience of over 12 years, as a Retreat Facilitator to create a safe space and transformation.

Being an Entrepreneur for over a decade, he has a special inclination to deeply understand the mental patterns of Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

Shubho has been contributing to the fields of mental health, Meditation, Mindfulness and Personal Development for several years.
Shubho has been trained by the Tibetan Buddhist teachings in the Himalayas and participated in numerous lectures by HH Dalai Lama himself. He is blessed to be initiated by HH Dalai Lama for Boddhisatva Practices. He also underwent multiple training at ISHA Foundation Coimbatore, India by Sadhguru.

He initiated his immense work of Tony Robbins diving into multiple signature programs in 2014. (Date with Destiny, Unleash the Power Within, Health Mastery, Life Mastery and more). He additionally completed the Tony Robbins Coaching Program.

He has also led several workshops at different Wellness Retreat Centers and Entrepreneurs Communities in Bali.
Additionally he completed Multiple Teacher Training in the area of Meditation, Breathwork and Trauma.

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