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3 Meditation sessions include:




These sessions will calm your nervous system and leave you in a state of empowerment.

These meditations are a delicate blend of ancient Buddhist and Vedic techniques as well as modern, science-based methods to help you shift your emotions from self-pity, feeling unworthy, ‘not good enough’ towards confidence and empowerment.

Give these few minutes to yourself as a gift! You deserve it.


To get the best results, do it in a private room without any distractions.

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I am hoping this will be of support to you and you can use it as a tool to come back to it again and again.

About Shubho

Shubho Dutta is a certified meditation teacher from Yoga Alliance USA, studying the Buddhist and Hindu philosophy during multiple courses either under FPMT and his holiness Dalai Lama himself and learning an Inner Engineering in the ISHA Foundation – Sadhguru. He spends a lot of time in the Himalayas with different teachers.

He is 43, but he was labelled as a failure child and teenager. When he had very little hope in life, meditation helped him turned around his life.

Shubho is a founder of BoostCamp.Live, which is a travel concept focusing on changing people’s mindset.

Hungry for personal development, Shubho is not only a researcher of Mindfulness & Meditation. Currently, he is a student of Tony Robbin’s signature Program “Mastery University”.

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